Dr Brodetsky Mobile Veterinary Service in Toronto


  1. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMobile preventive veterinary care
    Physical examination and consultation
    Vaccination (cats, dogs)
    Parasite control: heartworm testing and medication
    Parasite control: worms, ticks, fleas control
    Nutritional supplements
    Wellness programs: pediatric, adult, geriatric
  2. Internal medicine, eye and ear complains, skin problems
  3. Anal gland expressing and nail clipping
  4. Minor wound repair (fight wounds, cat bite abscess, small skin defect)
  5. Laboratory services (blood, urine, cultureā€¦)
  6. Microchipping
  7. Travel documents (certificates)
  8. Sedation and grooming subject to health status
  9. In-home euthanasia

Hospital services (spay, neuter) and referral services are available.