In-home euthanasia

Yes, we do provide this service in your home, yard, or wherever you and your pet are most comfortable. We understand you don’t want to put your pet through the stress of vet clinic visit on his or her last day…we feel the same way and would do the same for our pets…

Our average euthanasia appointment lasts about an hour. We allow enough time for the pet and the owner to feel comfortable with what we are doing. We explain the procedure and answer any questions about pet’s conditions.

In-home euthanasia service includes:

  • visiting by Dr.Brodetsky your home, where you will sign the request to perform euthanasia (you can download the request form here)
  • sedation your animal prior to the euthanasia procedure itself
  • euthanasia your pet (by using licensed drug for euthanasia)
  • transporting your pet after euthanasia to the cremation center with offering private cremation (ashes back) or simple cremation (cremains will not be returned to you).

Euthanasia is a two-injection protocol.

  • 1st injection – sedation (makes animal relaxed and usually takes 15-20 minutes).
  • 2nd injection – administering euthanizing agent through intravenous catheter.

The whole procedure lasts 2-3 minutes once I/V catheter is placed.
Last point is checking heart by stethoscope to be sure the euthanasia procedure is completed.

What to expect

  • your pet may not close eyes, may have some rapid breathing, may urinate and defecate
  • occasionally, the muscles of the legs of face may twitch before or immediately after the animal passes away

NOTICE: We may use different protocol for very sick pets, especially for cats (very debilitated or dehydrated cats with poor vein). We prefer to give injection to cats just behind their ribs, into the abdominal cavity. This method takes bit longer… generally 5-15 minutes, because the solution does not go directly into bloodstream.


  • private cremation – the cremains will be returned to you (ashes back), usually takes 7-10 days.
  • simple cremation (group cremation) – the cremains will not be returned to you.
  • no cremation – if you are going to be taking care of your pets remains yourself (for example, burying your pet on your own property where this is legal)


  • you can be present during euthanasia or not
  • private cremation does cost more, because companies are running the crematory for single pet (the price depends on body weight)
  • you always have enough time to say your pet goodbye
  • please have couple old blankets and extensional electrical cord prepared in case we do euthanasia outside