Dr Brodetsky Mobile Veterinary Service in Toronto

Dermatology & Ear Problems

We treat and diagnose the following:

skin_biopsy_animSkin Disease services:

  • Infectious and noninfectious skin diseases
  • Parasitic skin diseases
  • Autoimmune skin diseases
  • Allergy and allergy–induced skin diseases
  • Skin manifestations of systemic disease (including internal malignancy), cancer of the skin, cysts and other tumors of the skin

ear_cytology_animEar Disease Services:

  • Clinical evaluation of ears
  • Identification and management of underlying cutaneous or systemic disorders
  • Ear flushing at home
  • Otoscopic ear examination
  • Otic cytology
  • Otic bacterial/fungal culture
  • Treatment of acute and chronic ear diseases

Prior to scheduling an examination please fill out the history questionnaire. This will not only help to expedite the diagnoses, but it will also ensure that no errors will occur during the examination. Dermatological appointments can take at least 40 minutes or more. (Please ensure that your online forms are filled out)

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Note that all dermatological cases require follow-up appointments.

After diagnostic tests are performed we can discuss available treatment options for certain skin conditions. Unfortunately, not all skin diseases can be treated successfully. Allergies, for example, can only be controlled.

Diagnostic Tests:

  1. skin_cytology_animSkin smear: Identifies the presence of organisms (bacteria or yeast)
  2. Skin scraping: Identifies parasites
  3. Fungal culture: Identifies ringworm (dermatophytosis)
  4. Skin biopsies: Determines the presence of underlying endocrine, immune-mediated, allergy, fungal, bacterial, or parasitic disease
  5. Urinalysis: Identifies internal diseases
  6. Complete blood count, blood panel: Identifies internal diseases
  7. Thyroid panel: Determines the presence of thyroid hormone abnormality
  8. bloodwork_animLow dose dexamethasone suppression test and/or an ACTH stimulation test: Determines the presence of Cushing’s disease
  9. Culture: Determines the type of bacteria present and the appropriate antibiotic to use
  10. Allergy testing: Determines the underlying allergen causing the infections


Should the diagnoses require any of the following services, we will refer you to a board certified veterinary specialist:

  • Skin manifestations of systemic disease (including internal malignancy), cancer of the skin, cysts and other tumors of the skin
  • Difficult cases in autoimmune diseases
  • Complicated allergies and allergy–induced skin diseases
  • Ear flushing under general anesthesia
  • Video-otoscopic ear examination
  • Radiographic evaluation of ear canals / tympanic bullae (bullae series)
  • CT scan evaluation of tympanic bullae
  • Management of aural hematomas
  • Referral to soft tissue surgery for surgical correction of chronic ear problems:
    • Lateral ear canal resection
    • Total ear canal ablation
    • Bulla osteotomy
    • Excision of polyps or tumors of ear canal problem