Online Booking

If you are a user of Dr. Brodetsky’s online booking system please be informed that the online booking system has been upgraded with a new advanced version from Apr 8, 2013.

Please register as a new user to use online booking. The old data base has been deleted; your personal information has not been shared or distributed in any way.

The online booking system is not used to store any medical records. It is used for convenient online appointment booking only.

We are not always available for serving new clients. Please contact us to check our availability or click here to check that your location area is included in Dr. Brodetsky serving area

From September 1, 2019 we are no longer working with breeders.
In addition, maximum 3 patients can be seen per one client visit.
Dr. Brodetsky

Dr. Brodetsky’s working hours:

New from January 1, 2022 

Wednesday to Friday: 8 am – 8 pm
Saturday: 8 am – 3 pm
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and official holiday closed