Dr Brodetsky Mobile Veterinary Service in Toronto

My Tips

Mobile vet service housecall practice – “where the vet visits the pet”

  • I save your time and bring all supplies to your home

My service is dedicated for

  • busy professionals who have no time to go to the clinic
  • multiple pet household that decline multiple visits to the vet
  • elderly pets having difficulty getting into car
  • elderly people who unable to leave their home


  • For the best results to the health of your pets use mobile veterinary service (preventive veterinary care) and veterinary clinics for emergencies, surgery.
  • I recommend you to have veterinary insurances programs to help you reduce the cost of the treatment with the best results to your pet.


My service is not designed for emergencies. For emergencies pets may be taken to a veterinary emergency hospital or local veterinary hospital depending upon the hours and location.

My best wishes for you and your pets.

Dr. Brodetsky